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Pandorea 'Ruby Belle'

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - September

Common name wonga wonga vine
Scientific name Pandorea pandorana (Andrews) Steenis
Family  Bignoniaceae

Genus: After Pandora of Greek mythology who allowed evil sprites to escape from a sealed box - a reference to the many seeds released from the seed pods in this genus.

Species: the suffix -ana means 'relating to', in this case relating to Pandora.

Distribution Occurs all over mainland Australia.
Native habitat In rainforest, open forest, woodland and coastal scrub as well as in the drier regions of the inland.

A vigorous twining plant.

Flowering/fruiting Flowering occurs mainly in spring but may persist into summer.

Location in Garden

You can see it growing in our Big Idea Garden where it is happily climbing on the lattice around the amenity block.


This species is very variable with a wide range of flower colours from white, cream, yellow, pink, red or brown, all with purplish blotches or stripes inside the flower bell.

Generally it adapts well to cultivation in a range of soils and responds well to pruning, which may be needed to keep it under control. It is very vigorous and can quickly climb into the highest trees. When this occurs, its presence will only be noticed by the masses of flowers in the treetops.  



Pandorea 'Ruby Belle'

Pandorea 'Ruby Belle'