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Xerochrysum bracteatum

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - June

Common name golden everlastings
Scientific name Xerochrysum bracteatum  (Vent.) Tzvelev.
Family  Asteraceae

Genus: From the Greek, xeros, parched, dry; and chrysos, gold. Referring to the golden-yellow papery floral bracts of most species.

Species: Refers to the prominent bracts.

Distribution Widespread in most states and territories of Australia.
Native habitat Occurs in a variety of habitats across the country, from rainforest margins to deserts and subalpine areas.

A woody or herbaceous perennial or annual up to one metre tall.

Flowering/fruiting Flowers from spring through to late winter.

Location in Garden

The annual beds, just in front of the Connections Garden as well as Lakeside and the Visitor Centre Carpark.


These very popular plants bring long-lasting colour and warmth into the garden. There are many cultivars available in nurseries with flowers varying from white through cream, lemon, canary yellow, gold and bronze. Many of the pink varieties are the result of plant breeding, most probably using South African species as this colour is very uncommon in Australian plants.

They will keep producing flowers particularly if spent flowers are continually removed. Butterflies and other insects love them and will flock to your garden adding another layer of interest. They are also excellent as dried flowers keeping their shape and colour well for years - just hang a bunch up-side-down in a dark airy place and let them dry for a few weeks.

Many cultivars of this species are available in good native nurseries.




Everlastings close up


Everlasting and Lesser Wanderer

Everlasting bed