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Banksia serrata

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - January

Common name saw banksia
Scientific name Banksia serrata  L.f.
Family  Proteaceae

Genus: After Sir Joseph Banks, 1743-1820.

Species: From Latin, serratus, saw edged.

Distribution The species occurs along the east coast of Australia including Tasmania, extending inland to the Great Dividing Range.
Native habitat Occurs in sandy soils

It is generally a gnarled, often twisted small tree but this is a prostrate selection collected from a headland.

Flowering/fruiting Flowers from late winter to autumn.

Location in Garden

Planted in Bed 14c in the Connections Garden and in a number of beds in the Banksia Garden.


In the wild it is exposed to strong winds and salt spray and these factors have favoured the survival of low growing individuals.

Like its taller variants, it prefers a full sun position in well-drained soils. Additionally, its smaller size makes it perfect for large tubs or as a robust ground cover. It is a long-flowering species and usually has buds, flowers and old cones on the plant at the one time.

Generally available at specialist nurseries.



Banksia serrata (prostrate)

Banksia serrata (prostrate)

Banksia serrata (prostrate)