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Brachychiton 'Clarabelle'

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - December

Common name -
Scientific name Brachychiton x vinicolor 'Clarabelle'
Family  Malvaceae

Genus: From Greek, brachys, short; and chiton, a tunic. In reference to the seed coat.

Distribution Occurs in the border ranges area of Queensland and New South Wales.  
Native habitat n/a

A small to medium tree.

Flowering/fruiting It flowers in late spring and early summer.

Location in Garden

The Kurrajong Arboretum on Caley Drive.


Brachychiton x vinicolor is a natural hybrid between B. acerifolius and  B. discolor. It is an attractive tree with large reddish-pink bells which have a wine-coloured throat, displayed on predominantly bare branches. It can make a striking statement in your garden where you should plant it in a full-sun position with well-drained soils.

Our plants have been grafted onto Brachychiton acerifolius rootstocks which allow this plant to cope better with our clay soils. Grafting also encourages early flowering. 



Brachychiton 'Clarabelle'

Brachychiton 'Clarabelle'