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Scaevola albida

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - May

Common name pale fan-flower
Scientific name Scaevola albida (Sm.) Druce
Family  Goodeniaceae

Genus: Latin, scaevola, little hand. Referring to the dried flowers supposedly resembling a withered hand.

Species: From Latin, albidus, somewhat white, referring to the pale flowers.

Distribution Occurs from south-eastern Queensland through eastern New South Wales and coastal areas of Victoria and Tasmania in a range of habitats.
Native habitat Grows in sclerophyll forest and low-growing coastal communities, chiefly on the coast and ranges.

A prostrate, root suckering herb with white, mauve, pale blue or pink flowers.

Flowering/fruiting Throughout the year.

Location in Garden

You can see it planted in Bed 29 in the Connections Garden and in the Woodland Picnic Area.


This particular form is native to the Mount Annan site and grows well on our clay soil.

It adapts well to cultivation in a range of well-drained soils, does best in sunny or semi-shaded sites and is frost hardy. A good choice for rockeries, containers and path-side plantings as it softly cascades and sprawls.

There are a number of forms and cultivars available at good nurseries. 



Scaevola albida

Scaevola albida