Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Guided tours

Free guided walks

Don't miss a thing! Join a guided walking tour at the Australian Botanic Garden with trained volunteer guides. Please call the Visitor Centre for bookings and information about availability 4634 7935.

The itineraries include

  • Wattle Garden
  • Bush food plants
  • Rare and endangered species
  • Sydney sandstone flora
  • Cumberland Plain Woodland
  • Useful and commercial plants
  • Connections Garden

Guided bus tours

Our knowledgeable guides will make your Australian Botanic Garden bus tour unforgettable at only $8 per person. Bookings: 4634 7935.

Personalised guided tours

Personalised guided tours can be arranged for tourist groups, social clubs, schools, special interest groups and corporate groups. We will tailor a tour to your group’s interest. Book your tour at the Visitor Centre by phoning 4634 7935.

Itinerary suggestions

Site tour - a guided sight-seeing tour with commentary on the gardens, the colonial and Indigenous stories associated with the Australian Botanic Garden and the conservation and botanical research programs operating on site.

  • The Water-wise Garden
  • The historic Upper Nepean Canal
  • Banksia Garden / Wattle Garden / Big Idea Garden in season
  • ‘Behind the Garden walls’ nursery tour
  • Seedbank
  • Conservation area
  • Bird-watching
  • Wollemi Pine
  • Connections Garden
  • Bush food plants
  • PlantBank

Local & international tours with the Friends

Want to travel with a great bunch of fellow plant enthusiasts? Or just get away for a while? The Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens offer a range of exciting local and international tours.