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Picnic Shelters & Outdoor Venues

Lakeside Pavilion 

Recreation, leisure and business events can be catered for at the Australian Botanic Garden. Events of environmental, scientific, horticultural, historical and cultural significance work well in the relaxed surroundings of Australia’s native plant garden. We offer a wide variety of venues:

Connections Garden: This area is stunning day or night and provides a perfect location for your after 5 cocktail function, naming day or other formal function with a gorgeous tropical ambiance and calming waterfall backdrop.

Lakeside: This venue is perfect for large outdoor public events. It can easily accommodate crowds of 10,000 plus and with parking in the overflow car park, this venue will be just right for your film night, music night or theatre performance.

Marquee Lawn: If you want privacy and a picturesque location, then the Marquee Lawn is for you. Set behind the Lakeside area, this very private area has its own lake surrounded by beautifully manicured lawns. This area caters for group of up to 500 seated at tables under a marquee or 3000 on the grass.

Sundial Hill: On a clear day this is the best location in the Garden with views to straight the Sydney skyline and the surrounding countryside. A smaller venue, but perfect for after 5 functions to watch the sun go down.

Big Idea Garden: The Garden features 118 different varieties of Callistemon trees and shrubs, favourite Australian garden plants. This area has two picnic shelters, both available for hire.

Wattle Garden wedding arbor: Home to one of Australia's best known flowering plants, this Garden has one picnic shelter available to hire, but ample space for other outdoor functions.

Banksia Garden: This garden with its dense growth provides a lush rainforest experience. It hosts two picnic shelters both available for hire and ample amenities.


All the information you need to book your next family gathering or function can be found in the forms below. For further information, please contact the Visitor Centre on 02 4634 7935 or email

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