Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Tylophora benthamii

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - March

Common name coast tylophora
Scientific name Tylophora benthamii Tsiang
Family  Apocynaceae

Genus: From the Greek, tylos, knot, a callus, a knob on a club; phoros, bearing. Referring to the shape of the fleshy stamens.

Species: After George Bentham, (1800-1884), author of Flora Australiensis and other floras.

Distribution Occurs in near coastal areas from the tip of Cape York, Queensland to north-east New South Wales, and is also found in northern parts of the Northern Territory and the Kimberley of Western Australia.
Native habitat It grows in rainforest and coastal scrubs.
Description A twiner with small claret coloured flowers. The yellow sap is caustic.
Flowering/fruiting Flowers late spring to summer. Fruiting late summer to early autumn.

Location in Garden

Trailing over the wall in Bed 9 on the Connections Garden.


Staff from our Rainforest Project team are interested in testing the seeds of this species. Unfortunately despite several visits to a site with plants that have flowered well, no mature seed pods have been observed. Instead they collected cuttings from the wild and these plants are now being grown in the Garden as a cultivated seed source.

This is the first time our plants have flowered.

Note: Care should be taken when handling large quantities of this species as some workers were temporarily blinded when employed for several days collecting large quantities of this species for drug evaluation.