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Acacia crassa subsp. crassa

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - August

Common name -
Scientific name Acacia crassa subsp. crassa Pedley
Family  Fabaceae - Mimosoideae

Genus: Greek, akakia, the name of Acacia arabica, of tropical Africa and western Asia (from akis, a sharp point, as this is a spiny species).

Species: Latin, crassus, thick, referring to the thick phyllodes.

Distribution Occurs in the south-east corner of Queensland, and the north-western plains and central-western slopes of New South Wales.
Native habitat Occurs in open woodland, open eucalypt scrub or in mixed Eucalyptus-Callitris forests on rocky hillsides often on conglomerate and sandstone, in skeletal sandy soils or sandy loams.
Description An erect or spreading shrub or tree, 2-10 m high
Flowering/fruiting Flowers late winter to spring.

Location in Garden

You can find it flowering in Bed 121 in the Wattle Garden.


A hardy ornamental, the large bright yellow rod flowers make a welcome addition to the winter garden in inland areas where it prefers a hot sunny position and well-drained soil.


Acacia crassa subsp. crassa flowers

Acacia crassa subsp. crassa buds

Acacia crassa subsp. crassa distance