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Acacia fimbriata dwarf

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - September

Common name fringed wattle
Scientific name Acacia fimbriata A.Cunn. ex G.Don
Family  Fabaceae - Mimosoideae

Genus: Greek akakia, the name of Acacia arabica, of tropical Africa and western Asia (from akis, a sharp point, as this is a spiny species).

Species: The species name and common name both refer to the fringe of hairs on the edges of the 'leaves' (phyllodes).

Distribution Coast and adjacent tablelands of south-eastern Queensland and New South Wales.
Native habitat This species is common in moist sites, but also in open eucalypt communities in coast and tableland regions.
Description Shrub or tree to 6 m high.
Flowering/fruiting Flowers during winter and spring.

Location in Garden

We’ve used it around the garden as a low informal hedge, you can see it in the Wedding Arbor and other beds in the Wattle Garden.


We collected seed of this species on a field trip and when it was sown one of the seedlings was this dwarf form. It’s turned out to be very adaptable in cultivation, will grow in full sun or semishade, is frost hardy and prefers well-drained soil.

Dwarf forms of this and other wattle species are available in the nursery industry.

Acacia fimbriata

Acacia fimbriata