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Banksia 'Roller Coaster'

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - July

Common name coast banksia
Scientific name Banksia integrifolia ‘Roller Coaster’
Family  Proteaceae

Genus: After Sir Joseph Banks, 1743-1820, botanist who travelled with Captain Cook.

Species: From Latin, integer, entire, undivided, simple. Referring to the undivided leaves.

Distribution Grows along the east coast of Australia. One of the most widely distributed Banksias, it occurs between central Queensland and Victoria.
Native habitat Grows in a broad range of habitats from coastal dunes to mountains.

‘Roller Coaster’ is a prostrate form of the species and grows into a low mound up to 2.5 m across, with pale lemon flowers.

Flowering/fruiting Flowers from summer to mid-winter.

Location in Garden

We’ve planted it in the Banksia Garden, in beds 165 and 167, where it sprawls over the dry stone walls.


Banksia integrifolia is highly variable in form but is most often encountered as a tree up to 25 m in height. Its leaves have dark green upper surfaces and white undersides, a contrast that can be striking on windy days.

It prefers well-drained soils, a full-sun to light shade position and is hardy and in a range of climates.




Banksia 'Roller Coaster'

Banksia 'Roller Coaster'

Banksia 'Roller Coaster'