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Chorizema cordatum

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - September

Common name heart-leaved flame pea
Scientific name Chorizema cordatum Lindl.
Family  Fabaceae-Faboideae

Genus: possibly from the Greek, chorizo, I separate, and nema, a thread, referring to the free filaments of the flower.

Species: Latin, cordis, heart, referring to the heart-shaped leaves.

Distribution From the forests of south-western Western Australia.
Native habitat It generally occurs on gravelly or loamy soils near granite or laterite outcrops, along watercourses, and in winter-wet flats.
Description A small scrambling shrub with orange flowers.
Flowering/fruiting Flowers mainly in spring, but can spot flower at other times.

Location in Garden

It can be found in our Big Idea Garden.


This is the most widely cultivated of the genus and can be found in good native nurseries. The unbelievably fluorescent orange flowers will brighten your garden after winter and it will also spot flower throughout the year. It prefers moist but well-drained soils with dappled shade or partial sun - and does well in containers. Regular pruning after flowering will extend the life of the plant. 


Chorizema cordatum 1 closeup

Chorizema cordatum closeup

Chorizema cordatum distance