Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Chrysocephalum apiculatum

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - February

Common name yellow buttons
Scientific name Chrysocephalum apiculatum (Labell.) Steetz
Family  Asteraceae

Genus: Greek, chryso, golden; cephalus, head. Referring to the golden flower heads.

Species: Latin meaning 'ending abruptly in a short point', referring to the leaves.

Distribution Occurs in all states and territories in Australia in a wide range of environments.
Native habitat This extremely variable species occurs in a wide range of habitats, but is most common in open sites on edges of woodland or in heathland.
Description A low growing perennial herb. With such a broad distribution it is not surprising that this species varies considerably in form, from a sparse erect plant up to 60 cm in height and with narrow leaves to much lower sprawling plants with fleshy leaves 1 cm wide.
Flowering/fruiting Flowers mainly in spring and summer, but can spot flower throughout the rest of the year.

Location in Garden

You can see these plants in the Visitor Centre Carpark and the annual beds at the base of the Connections Garden.


It is a very adaptable plant in the garden - it prefers full sun to dappled shade, free-draining soils, it copes with light to moderate frosts and is drought tolerant. It can be used in massed plantings or informal drifts and looks good in rockeries or scattered among other plants.  

Chrysocephalum apiculatum1

Chrysocephalum apiculatum2