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Clematis glycinoides

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - October

Common name headache vine, forest clematis
Scientific name Clematis glycinoides DC
Family  Ranunculaceae

Genus: From Greek, klematis, a branch, twig; diminutive of klema, a vine-branch. In reference to their climbing like a vine.

Species: Like the genus Glycine.

Distribution Widespread from Cape York Peninsula, Queensland to eastern Victoria including Lord Howe Island.
Native habitat Occurs in a range of habitats.

A medium to large woody climber to 2.5 m with white starry flowers.


Flowers in spring.

Location in Garden

Is native to the site and occurs in the remnants of Cumberland Plain Woodland especially along the boardwalk in our Stolen Generations Memorial.


When it casts its cobweb lace across the bush, it signals that spring has truly arrived. Later in the season the female plants will lose their petals and develop their characteristic fluffy fruit - commonly known as old man’s beard.

In Queensland it is called the headache vine as the crushed leaves are supposed to alleviate headaches.


Clematis glycinoides

Clematis glycinoides

Clematis glycinoides