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Rhodanthe ‘Annan Star’

The Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - January

Common name Rhodanthe `Annan Star'
Scientific name Rhodanthe anthemoides (Sprengel) Paul G. Wilson
Family  Asteraceae

Genus: Greek, rhodon, rose; anthos, flower.

Species: Similar to the chammomile genus, Anthemis.

Distribution The species is widespread from Queensland south to Tasmania.
Native habitat Occurs in a range of habitats from alpine to near sea level, probably most common in sclerophyll forest and on rocky escarpments.

A dwarf perennial herb.

Flowering/fruiting Flowers most of the year.

Location in Garden

You can see these plants in our annual beds in front of the Connections Garden and in the Woodland Picnic Area.


This is a perfect species if you’re looking for a cottage garden effect. The small white starry flowers float above the low rounded blue-green foliage making a lovely edging plant for paths and borders. As a bonus, it will self-seed around your garden and the white papery flowers are excellent as fresh or dried cut flowers.

This particular selection is native to the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan and grows in our woodlands on clay. However, in your garden, it will grow happily in full sun to dappled shade, will tolerate a range of soils from clay to sand and is reasonably drought and frost hardy. It will benefit from regular tip pruning, and can cope with moderate pruning after flowering. 




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