Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Annual/Perennial displays

Located in front of the Connections Garden, the new annual / perennial displays will be the horticultural hub and focal point of the Australian Botanic Garden. Visitors will stroll along easy graded paths through this showcase of the most spectacular flowering annual and perennial species from across Australia. These floral displays will be set against a backdrop of rockeries, palm groves and conifer forest enclosing and providing shade to the existing and very popular Water Garden.

   Annual perennial display

African olive Eradication Program

A long-term African olive (Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata) control program is underway to reduce the impact of this noxious weed on the critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland located on the Australian Botanic Garden site. For more information go to African olive control program.








Adventure Garden

The Adventure Garden will create an active play-space, built upon an educational base, to cater for a range of age groups and abilities. The primary target group will be youth in the 10-16 year age range, a group that parents find difficult to occupy and botanic gardens traditionally find difficult to attract. The facility will appeal to their sense of adventure with active play and learning opportunities. Parents with younger children will be provided with appropriate activity space, while enabling supervision of older children from a distance.

The Adventure Garden will significantly enhance community amenities by delivering an exciting recreational space that is unlike any other facility in the region. The Garden will contribute to the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust’s mission to provide recreation activities for the community of South West Sydney and the people of NSW.  It will also support a key NSW State Plan objective (E8) encouraging more people to use parks, sporting and recreational facilities. It will also support objectives to reduce childhood obesity and introduce young people, in a playful way, to our natural environment, whilst providing a safe, secure and well maintained facility that parents and young children can also enjoy.


The Adventure Garden site will be located adjacent to the Wattle Garden on Caley Drive in an area identified for expanded recreational opportunities within the Australian Botanic Garden. The site is near the proposed route of the Macarthur Regional Cycleway and will be the major active recreational opportunity provided along the cycleway and become a key destination for all users of the Garden. It will be highly visible from the Sydney to Canberra rail line. We anticipate it will encourage increased visitation and support from the local community and significantly improve the youth amenities in the region.


The Australian Botanic Garden has engaged the services of one of Australia’s leading playground designers, Ric McConaghy, who created an inspiring playground design that is now ready to construct. Ric’s vision is to provide an engaging naturalistic playground supporting the emotional, cognitive, social and physical development of young people.

Recognisable play structures will include climbing frames, flying fox, giant slides and swings as well as a ‘skate’ park and mountain bike ‘pump track’. Equally important will be the establishment of open spaces for creative exploration using various plant materials, construction materials and musical instruments. Beyond the amphitheatre, space for active games, mini festivals or performances will be possible. Surrounding plantings will be low maintenance and enhance the natural feel of this site.


Macarthur Regional Cycleway

The Macarthur Regional Cycle Trail will provide a commuter link from Camden to the Macarthur Square train station, via the Australian Botanic Garden and the University of Western Sydney.

The proposal, currently seeking funding support, has been developed by Landcom, Camden and Campbelltown City Councils and the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust. The construction of the Mount Annan segment is considered Stage 1 of the joint proposal and project plans have been submitted that would provide two access points from the western Camden side and an third point toward Campbelltown at the south east perimeter.


 Adventure Garden

 Bike pump track