Pyrrosia rupestris

Scientific name: Pyrrosia rupestris

Author: Robert Brown (1773-1858), Ren Chang Ching (1898-1986)

Common name: Rock Felt Fern

Family: Polypodiaceae


Pyrrosia rupestris   


You will find Pyrrosia rupestris between the Barbecue area and the Rainforest Walk.

The Rock Felt Fern, Pyrrosia rupestris, covers rocks, branches and trunks. The Greek, pyrros, flame-coloured, refers to the colour of the star-shaped hairs that form a felty covering on the fronds. ‘Found near rocks’ is the translation of the specific epithet, rupestris. This species occurs naturally from New Guinea, down the eastern seaboard of Australia and into Victoria. A lack of sufficient warmth maybe the reason it is not found in Tasmania. An open, light position and high humidity are said to favour this hardy fern. Within the Garden it has shrunk away during droughts always to flourish again, as now, when the rain and mists return.