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Narcissus 'My Gracious'

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah - August

Common name daffodil
Scientific name Narcissus ‘My Gracious’
Family  Amaryllidaceae

Genus: Narcissus  - Greek from Narkissos the name of a mythological young man who died from abandoning all else to gaze at his reflection. Or from narkao, Greek for ‘I numb myself’ in reference to the narcotic properties of the bulb and leaves.

Horticultural variety: ‘My Gracious’,  assigned by the breeders, J.N. Hancock & Co.

Distribution Narcissus species, from which cultivated forms are raised, are said to number between 26 and 60, or more, depending on the authority and are native to Europe, North Africa and West Asia.
Native habitat Habitats range from alpine slopes to woodlands and meadows. Cultivated forms prefer full-sun to semi-shade, good drainage and a neutral to slightly acid soil. Most require a cold period to stimulate flowering.
Description ‘My Gracious’ has white perianth segments, the outer ring of floral parts, and a strawberry-pink, frilled and flared corona ('trumpet ' or 'cup') that fades as the flower ages.
Flowering/fruiting Our featured plants flower late winter to spring. Described as early to mid-season.


The Brunet Meadow.


Division 2 daffodils have one flower per stem and the corona, or long cup or trumpet, is more than one-third but less than equal to the length of the perianth segments ('petals'). You can see this best by looking at the flower side-on.

Division 2 daffodils have the greatest colour range and currently account for about 40% of the more than 27,000 named cultivars.

Recorded as first flowering in 1976, ‘My Gracious’ was raised by R.N. Hancock & Co., Victoria, Australia. These bulb specialists have more than 90 years experience and are responsible for a dozen of our other cultivars on display.

Available from R.N. Hancock & Co. or through cool-climate plant nurseries.



Narcissus 'My Gracious'

Narcissus 'My Gracious'

Narcissus 'My Gracious'