Acacia cultriformis

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah - September

Common name

Acacia ‘Cascade’

Scientific name Acacia cultriformis Cunn. ex Don cv. Cascade
Family  Fabaceae - Mimosoideae
Distribution Occurs naturally from south-eastern Queensland to southern New South Wales.
Native habitat Mainly in eucalypt woodland along the western slopes of the Great Divide.
Description This plant is a prostrate form of Acacia cultriformis, knife-leaved wattle, and has been in this garden bed for 12 years. Usually a 2 to 4 metre high shrub.


A golden waterfall of flowers tumbles over basalt rock in Bed AR86. In the centre of the loop path above the large pond this is part of the Australian Section of the Rock Garden. It is a great place to admire Australian plant treasures.


The prostrate, ‘Austraflora Cascade’ cultivar was registered in 1980 by Victoria’s Austraflora Nursery. It is listed as a ‘waterwise’ groundcover by the Australian Plant Society (formerly SGAP) in their Waterwise Plant Guide.

If you are game to go hunting for more wattle wonders then seek out the stunning red flowers covering Acacia leprosa cultivar ‘Scarlet Blaze’, the floral emblem for Victoria’s Centenary of Federation celebrations. The lower boundary of the Southern Hemisphere Woodland, where is adjoins the Eurasian Woodland is the place to admire this beauty


Acacia cultriformis Cunn