Fragrant Rhododendrons

Scientific name: Rhododendron cv. Fragrantissimum

Author: Unknown

Family: Ericaceae



Rhododendron cv Fragrantissimum   


Come to the Plant Explorers’ Walk where the air is filled with scent and in beds EW120 and EW121 you will encounter some of the contributors. Rhododendron cv. Fragrantissimum is a primary hybrid raised before 1868 using the species Rhododendron edgeworthii and Rhododendron formosum. By comparison we have Rhododendron edgeworthii growing a little further down the path and up-slope you will find Rhododendron cv. Princess Alice that shares one parent and is often considered a hardier though slightly less fragrant alternative to our featured plant. Rhododendron formosum can be found in the area between the Barbecue Lawn and the Proteaceae section.

Planted in 1984, our ‘Fragrantissimum’ specimens flower well each year. Wise placement, such as on this south-facing slope, will assist with providing the preferred cool root-run and minimise watering requirements.