Hydrangea aspera

Scientific name: Hydrangea aspera

Author: David Don 1799-1841

Common name: None in use

Family: Hydrangeaceae (Saxifragaceae)



Hydrangea aspera   

Bed EW124 at the base of the Plant Explorersí Walk and above the Main Entry Drive is home to Hydrangea aspera, our featured plant.

A good indication of just how long ago this species was first collected in the wild and brought into cultivation can be guessed at by the lifetime of the author, D. Don. He published the taxonomic description in 1825 from a specimen collected in Nepal. The wild distribution of this species continues eastward through China to Taiwan and south to Java and Sumatra.

Some plants, still in cultivation, are the result of collections made by the Plant Explorer E.H. Wilson in China during 1907-9 and 1910-11. George Forrest may also have sent seed from Yunnan, China. This is a very variable species and these collectors may not have encountered horticulturally desirable material from which to collect as some of this early material has been given mediocre description.

Yunnan, China was the location of seed collected by our Horticultural Development Officer during the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust 1994/95 Collecting. Expedition.The Hydrangea aspera specimens at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden were planted out in the spring of 1997. Well-drained soil and plenty of light with some shade from mid-day sun is said to give the best results.