Lapageria rosea

Scientific name: Lapageria rosea

Author: Ruiz & Pavon

Common name: Copihue, Copiu, Chilean Bellflower

Family: Philesiaceae


Lapageria rosea   


Follow the dinosaur footprints across the entrance driveway to the Gondwana Walk! Now, soak up the enchantment of the national flower of Chile.

A Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust collecting expedition in 1985 provided the propagation material and attempts to cultivate this beauty in many different parts of the Garden have been made since then. With its ancient lineage it is appropriate that success has been found here, in the Gondwanan Section. Our copihue produced its first solitary flower in June 1998, missed a year, and now has two blooms.

This ‘wild collection’ was from Pichirropulli, in central Chile, where the plant was growing with Tulasne, Laurelia sempervirens; Roble, Nothofagus obliqua; and Lingue, Persea lingue. The first two of these compatriots are growing nearby and the latter two can be found in the Chilean Woodland, below the Brunet Pavilion.