Lilium cv. Royal Parade

Scientific name: Lilium cv. Royal Parade Longiflorum asiatic hybrid, Division 1a

Common name: Royal Parade

Family: Liliaceae


Lilium cv Royal parade   


Join the royal parade in the central bed of the Formal Garden perennial plants section! Surrounded by the bronze-toned foliage of Euphorbia dulcis cv, Chameleon and the vibrant flowers of Anagallis cv. Gentian Blue, one of the many Imperial White butterflies, Delias harpalyce, common in our Garden in summer seems to be paying homage to our regal plant of the week.

Classification of cultivated lilies for show and registration purposes has established divisions into which hybrids are placed according to common characteristics. Our plant of the week is therefore placed in division 1a of the asiatic hybrids because of its likely parents, early-flowering and its upright flowers. Lilium longiflorum, the white-flowered, trumpet-shaped, Easter or Bermuda Lily from Japan is listed as one of the parents. It is possible that the fabulous red colour and upward facing flowers result from the genetic input of another lily such as L. maculatum, also from Japan, and sometimes treated as a hybrid between L. concolor and L. dauricum.

In recent years many startling new colours, forms and bicolors have been raised from within the asiatic hybrid division 1a. Our plant of the week seems closely related to the patented cultivar ‘Venture’.

A hot head and cool feet, flowers in the sun bulbs in the shade, suits most lilies. Fertile, loamy, free-draining soil, possibly with sand beneath the bulb to prevent it from rotting in heavy soils, is advisable. Plant in June/July at two and a half times the bulbs height for summer flowering.