Magnolia x soulangiana cv. Rustica Rubra

Scientific name: Magnolia x soulangiana cv. Rustica Rubra

Author: Etienne Soulange-Bodin (1774–1846)

Common name: Chinese Magnolia, Saucer Magnolia

Family: Magnoliaceae


Magnolia x soulangiana Rustica Rubra   


Between the ‘Residence Garden’ and ‘Conifer Cultivars’, shown on the Visitor Guide map, is a marked picnic area. Here you will find a cluster of magnolias, including Magnolia x soulangiana cultivar Rustica Rubra.

There are other magnolias flowering in the area below the Residence Garden and you may already have admired those below the Visitor Centre viewing deck and the magnificent M. x soulangiana near the Formal Garden sundial. A few are starting to flower on the Plant Explorers Walk and a keen eye may spot these quintessentially spring blooms high in the canopy of an old specimen below the Brunet Pavilion.

It was in 1820 that Etienne Soulange-Bodin pollinated Magnolia denudata with Magnolia liliiflora to produce the very popular Magnolia x soulangiana. Since then second-gereration and third-generation hybrids have been raised resulting in many different cultivars: some white; some pink; and some bi-coloured Great variation in flowering time, flower size and flower form are now available as a result of this work.

'Rustica Rubra' is a Dutch clone raised at the end of the nineteenth century in Boskoop. The reddish purple flowers, pink-white within, are the classic goblet shape and appear in mid-season.’ - Jim Gardiner Magnolias - a gardener’s guide.

‘Rustica Rubra’ was raised from seed of Magnolia x soulangiana cv. Lennei from which it differs in the darker flower colour and earlier flowering time.