Monga Waratah

Scientific name: Telopea mongaensis

Author: Edwin Cheel (1872-1951)

Common name: Monga Waratah, Braidwood Waratah

Family: Proteaceae


Telopea mongaensis   


The Proteaceae section of the Garden, above the Brunet Meadow, is home to many waratahs. One of these is the Monga Waratah or Braidwood Waratah, Telopea mongaensis.

Described in 1947 this species differs most noticeably from the Gippsland Waratah, Telopea oreades, in having narrower leaves and being a shrub to 6 metres rather than a small tree. Stream margins and mountain slopes from the Moss Vale area and Fitzroy Falls south through the Budawang Range to Monga, New South Wales are its natural home.

We grow all five waratahs endemic to south-eastern Australia, Telopea speciosissima, Telopea aspera, Telopea oreades, Telopea truncata and Telopea mongaensis.