Picea pungens

Scientific name: Picea pungens

Common name: Colorado Blue Spruce

Family: Pinaceae




Take a leisurely stroll from the Visitor Centre viewing deck through the Residence Garden to the Conifer Cultivar area. The Picea pungens can be easily located with its blue foliage and conical shape. Two selected colour forms of Picea pungens are located in the same bed. The green foliage form Picea pungens cultivar Viridis and a more distinct bluer form Picea pungens cultivar Glauca.

Think of a conical shape, bluish foliage, conifer and a height of 2030 metres. You will probably be thinking of some of the main features of Picea pungens, the Colorado Blue Spruce. This conifer and its many selected forms have been popular garden plants for cooler climates since the late 1800s.

Looking at this particular garden bed there is a diverse range of conifers in both shape and size. Many conifer cultivars are selected for slow growth and a pleasing form. If conifers inspire you our conifer cultivar garden offers an opportunity to gather information on plants for your home garden.