Prunus cv. Ukon

Scientific name: Prunus (Sato-zakura Group) cv. Ukon
Prunus (Sato-zakura Group) cv. Shirotae
Prunus (Sato-zakura Group) cv. Fugenzo

Family: Amygdalaceae (Rosaceae)




Enjoy a variety of flowering cherries along the Plant Explorers Walk, in the Residence Garden and below the Brunet Pavilion.

As well as a fine example of Prunus avium, with its very appealing bark, at the top of the Plant Explorers Walk, and a very handsome example of Prunus cv. Sefton Park, just on the side path at the lowest point of the Walk, you will see, along the way, several good examples of ‘Japanese flowering cherries’ collectively known as the Sato-zakura group. These have either an upright habit, as in the very pink flowered cultivar Fugenzo, or a more weeping habit as in ‘Ukon’ or ‘Shirotae’.

Complex hybrids, mostly thought to include Prunus serrulata, the ‘Oriental Cherry’ make up this Sato-zakura group. The attractive clusters of pendulous flowers are enhanced by the emerging new foliage, which is often bronze at this early stage. Some of this group have fragrant flowers and many colour well in the autumn. A fertile, well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight suit this group.