Shady Lady Waratah

Scientific name: Telopea speciosissima

Author: James Edward Smith 1759-1828, Robert Brown 1773-1858, Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich von Mueller 1825-1896

Common name: Shady Lady Waratah (red form)

Family: Proteaceae


Telopea speciosissima   


Conveniently placed, just above the Brunet Meadow in the Proteaceae section of the Rock Garden, our red form commands adoration. We have both parents of this hybrid on display nearby. Telopea oreades can be studied and admired just up the path near the Forest Walk entrance, and Telopea speciosissima is abundant closer to the Restaurant.

Our ‘Shady Lady’ is bursting with blooms. This cultivar arose as a spontaneous hybrid in a Melbourne garden and is now marketed under the name ‘Shady Lady’ in a variety of very popular colour forms. Purchased in July 1990 and planted out sometime after September 1992 our largest specimen was struck by a small tree that fell nearby in February 2001. 

It had flowered well but was expected to die. Cut back, almost to ground level, on the off-chance of recovery, cuttings were sent to the nursery for propagation. Now we have double success, the original plant flowered well and three daughter plants will also flower.