Tulipa cultivar Black Diamond

Scientific name: Tulipa cultivar Black Diamond

Common name: Tulip ‘Black Diamond’

Family: Lilaceae



Tulipa cv Black Diamond   


Head for the Formal Garden. This area of our garden performs best in late spring and early summer. However it is worth a visit now to see a cluster of tulips abundantly bedecked with glossy, deep-red blooms.

On first investigation these bulbs seemed to be recorded as Tulipa cultivar 'Black Diamond' which produces single, late-flowering blooms with petal exterior dark, reddish brown or deep mahogany and a 'dahlia purple' shade on the inside of the petals. 'Black Diamond' came on the market in 1962 and belongs to a class of Single Late Tulips established to cover the range of hybrid tulips formerly referred to as 'Darwin', 'Cottage', 'Old Breeder' and 'Scheeper'.

We have a small dilemma with our ‘Black Diamond’ in that it seems to be early flowering and while it is a lovely deep red it is hard to see how it would qualify for Bruce Zimmerman’s 'Blackest Tulip' appellation.

While we attempt to resolve this mystery we can certainly admire such beauty. Perhaps we can also ponder the plant world’s obsession with producing the impossible, a truly black tulip. Alexander Dumas’ 1850 novel The Black Tulip is credited with inspiring this horticultural quest that continues to the present.