Crocus tommasinianus

Scientific name: Crocus tommasinianus

Author: William Herbert 1778-1847

Common name: Tommasiniís Crocus, Snow Crocus, Tommies

Family: Iridaceae


Crocus tommasinianus   


Head for the lawn below the Residence Garden. Here you will find two large oaks and in the grassy area beneath these deep-rooted deciduous trees a display of woodland bulbs Crocus tommasinianus.

This plant comes from the woods and shady hillsides of eastern Europe where it grows at about 1000 metres altitude, often on limestone.

One of the easiest crocuses to grow Crocus tommasinianus requires light, free-draining soil and shade from the hottest sun. It is in a group of crocus species that do not need a warm, dry dormancy, instead requiring slight moisture during the resting stage to prevent the bulbs drying out. Our current drought years have provided a challenge to these cheerful bulbs that will seed freely in optimum conditions.