Leucospermum prostratum

Scientific name: Leucospermum prostratum

Author: Carl Peter Thunberg 1743-1828, Otto Stapf 1857-1933

Common name: Yellow Trailing Pincushion, Geelrankspeldekussing

Family: Proteaceae


Leucospermum prostratum   


At the feet of our Shady Lady waratah, in the Proteaceae section of the Rock Garden, two trailing plants cascade over the basalt. Leucospermun prostratum belongs to the same plant family as the Australian waratah though its home is relatively small areas of coastal south-west South Africa.

 It is a characteristic species of the acid-sand-proteoid-fynbos plant community.

Modern geography separates members of the Proteaceae plant family that are now far flung on fragments of the old super-continent, Gondwana. The family resemblance remains. One of the more than 40 species of the Pincushion genus, Leucospermum, our feature plant belongs in the ‘Louse Pincushion’ sub-group named to reflect the resemblance between the curled-back flower segments and small insects.