Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


The Botanists Way Discovery Centre

The Botanists Way Discovery Centre tells the stories of early botanists who explored the northern Blue Mountains seeking rare plants and trying to find a crossing to the west. One such botanist, George Caley, became the first white man to cross the largely impenetrable expanse of the Grose Valley, which he named the Devil’s Wilderness. These explorers paved the way for later conservationists. Using interpretative signage and displays, high-quality photography and beautiful graphics, the Botanists Way Discovery Centre tells the history of the northern Blue Mountains, the connections with botany and the remarkable canyons, which are only a short distance from the Garden. The Botanists Way also features stories on the traditional custodians of Mount Tomah, the Darug people, with a display of tools made by Darug artist Shane Smithers.