Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


School excursions

The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust draws on spectacular plant displays to provide quality learning experiences. Our lessons aim to increase students’ understandings and appreciation of plants and the environment through hands-on activities. All lessons are closely linked to the New South Wales Board of Studies Syllabus Outcomes and are conducted by highly qualified and experienced Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust staff.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah is a unique excursion venue surrounded by the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Many aspects of science and geography come to life during this trip on the Bells Line of Road and the rich volcanic soil and moist, cool climate means the Garden can grow one of the world’s finest collections of southern hemisphere plants.

The diversity of the themed displays at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden enables the creation of a  safe yet exhilarating educational experience. Students can:

  • Experience panoramic views of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.
  • See 28 hectares of garden divided into different environments.
  • Explore a native cool temperate rainforest with towering tree ferns.
  • Examine ground-hugging alpine plants in an extensive rock garden.
  • Compare the exposed environments of heath plants to areas of lush sheltered forests.
  • Take a behind-the-scenes look at a grove of rare Wollemi Pines. This is the first place these ‘dinosaur’ trees have been planted in their natural habitat.

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