Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


The Botanic Gardens Bicentenary 2016



The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

From that moment in 1816 when Governor Lachlan Macquarie pronounced the lands on the edge of Farm Cove as Sydney’s Botanic Garden, it has breathed life into this unique city of ours.

For that reason alone, Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden has a deep national significance.

The Garden is more … much more … than just that beautiful place where Sydneysiders and our local and international visitors alike go to walk, run and picnic. It provides a treasure trove of our plants and their history; it helps educate our young people of the role our diverse and unique flora plays in our lives; it acts as a plant bank connecting our past to our future; and it is a living, breathing example to Sydneysiders of the importance of sustaining our city, our country and our planet.

The Botanic Garden is heir to almost 200 years of knowledge about our nation’s plant life. With this expertise and collections of living and preserved plants, we have knowledge about the past, present and future of Australia’s wonderful biodiversity.

Our Bicentenary is a significant moment in history. We want our three Botanic Gardens to inspire and educate Australians and visitors so they help care for our planet for the next 200 years.

PlantBank Lakeside at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan Guided walk