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Harbourlights NYE

National WINNER - Best Achievement in Sustainability Awards!

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Environment Minister Robyn Parker has praised the ingenuity of organisers for producing the inaugural 2012 New Yearís Eve event Harbourlights which won the Best Achievement in Sustainability gong at this weekís Australian Event Awards.

'Harbourlights, held at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney now shines as an outstanding example of how itís possible to deliver a quality, sustainable event that appeals to a wide demographic,' Ms Parker said.

Annie Heath, Events Manager, along with Ruth Friedmann, Kate Smith and Sharlene Chin built on the Venue Management teamís mantra to reduce, reuse and recycle, 'We worked hard to create a fun sustainable event which showcased the Trustís sustainable event practices as well as horticultural, educational and community programs that demonstrate alignment with the New South Wales Governmentís 2021 plan to strengthen our local environment and communities,' she said.

The Venue Management team also collaborated with Community Educationís Phil Pettitt and Sophie Daniel and Horticulturalís Randy Sing and Nursery apprentice teams to deliver a sustainable message in all aspects of the event.

Ms Parker said the initiative to offer a prize for the best NYE sustainable resolution to encourage patrons to make a Ďgreení commitment strongly aligns with the 2021 plan to increase opportunities for people to look after their own environments.

'There were so many excellent sustainable practices the team employed,' she said. 'Among them was a series of edible vertical gardens constructed from recycled timber pallets and coffee bags by the horticultural and apprentices teams as well as planting done by participants in the Trustís Dandy Lions program for preschoolers and the outreach Community Greening program.

'Patrons were also provided with souvenir reusable bottles which could be refilled from a water tank. This alone prevented over 2000 plastic water bottles from being used. There was also a bottle and can return system for drinks purchased at the bar to ensure containers were valued and recycled by patrons. Straw bales were used for tables and seating which were recycled back into the Garden post event.  

'Reusable beach chairs to take-home were provided along with biodegradable picnic hampers, which were later composted in worm farms. 100 per cent green power and biofuel were used at the event and even the toilets were cleaned with biodegradable citrus-based products,' she said.

'It doesnít stop there, signage was printed on recycled cardboard, hired outdoor games and infrastructure were reusable, biodegradable hessian shade cloth covered fencing and coffee bags covered straw bales were re-used in education workshops.

'All in all, Harbourlights is a brilliant example of how to aim high for a fully sustainable event.  The teamís efforts to increase recycling, protect and conserve land are all 2021 goals,' Ms Parker said.

Phil Pettitt, Sharlene Chin, Annie Heath and Sophie Daniel receiving award

Pallet garden and interpretation in action

planting into pallets
Community Educationís Dandy Lions planting into pallets