Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

New PlantBank mobile app

A new mobile app invites you behind-the-scenes at the Australian PlantBank in the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan. Explore this exciting new conservation centre, including the laboratories and seed vault, the surrounding landscaped gardens and the nearby endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland.

In short film-clips, passionate and knowledgeable scientists and horticulturists share their work and give an insight into the exciting projects underway at PlantBank.

Three plants star in stories that demonstrate the diverse and important conservation work done in PlantBank and beyond:

  1. The journey of the ancient and endangered Wollemi pine - from its natural habitat in a secret national park location - to cultivation in gardens around the world, shows how research and propagation of these rare plants has helped to ensure their future. The story of the mighty forest red gum takes you from the Cumberland Plain Woodland through the laboratories to the seed vault at the heart of PlantBank. Finally, you can follow the transformation of the flannel flower - from wild plant to floral superstar - through the fascinating techniques of tissue-culture.
  2. Outside PlantBank, discover the plants of the Cumberland Plain Woodland in the stunning ‘Living Laboratory’ garden beds. The fun PlantBank Q&A - best played here - will have you puzzling over some amazing plant facts.
  3. Finally, take a stroll through the Cumberland Plain Woodland. Guided by the voice of our Aboriginal education officer Clarence Slockee, let all your senses experience this beautiful and endangered Australian landscape, and understand why conserving plants and their habitats is so vital.

The free app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store at:

and via the Google play link at:

Please note, the application is designed for Apple iOS 6.1.4 and above and Google Android 2.3.3 and above.