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Foster a tree this Father’s Day

Foster a tree for your father, grandfather or someone else special to you by Friday 24 August and you can save 50 percent.

A Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust tree is normally fostered for a period of one year with a tax deductible donation of $200. With this special offer, you can foster a tree in your father’s favourite botanic garden for a period of one year with a $100 tax deductible donation.

Your generosity will be acknowledged with a personalised e-certificate of foster care which will be emailed to you on Wednesday 29 August. We can insert your special message into the e-certificate for a heartfelt gift. You can then print the certificate for your father, grandfather or special person or you can forward it to them.

We suggest the following trees for foster care:

In the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney and the Domain

  • Moreton Bay fig (Ficus macrophylla)
  • hoop pine (Araucaria cunninghamii)
  • kauri pine (Agathis macrophylla, Agathis robusta & Prumnopitys ladei)
  • Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla)
  • willow myrtle (Agonis flexuosa)
  • red silky oak (Alloxylon flammeum)

In the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah

  • monkey puzzle (Araucaria araucana)
  • English oak (Quercus robur)
  • Chinese oak (Quercus acutissima)
  • tulip tree (Liriodendron chinense)
  • Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis)
  • brown barrel (Eucalyptus fastigata)
  • southern beech (Nothofagus moorei)

In the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan

  • iron bark (Eucalyptus crebra)
  • bottle tree (Brachychiton rupestris)
  • grass tree (Xanthorrhea  johnsonii)
  • mulga (Acacia aneura)
  • leopardwood (Flindersia maculosa)
  • bull banksia (Banksia grandis)

If you are interested in fostering a tree or would like more information, please email Louise on

This unique, personalised gift will help support the work we do here at the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust.

The Trust has a long history of contributing to the discovery, study and conservation of the world’s flora, the protection of threatened species, and the conservation and restoration of natural habitat.

We do receive funding but this only constitutes just over half the funds needed to continue our conservation work and education programs. For this reason, our work is dependent on the generosity of our supporters.

All donations $2 and above are tax deductible.