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Foundation and Friends merge

At a Special General Meeting of the Friends of the Botanic Gardens held on 13 June, Friends’ members took the historic step to approve all the resolutions put before them thus paving the way for the merger of the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation and the Friends of the Botanic Gardens to form Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens (Foundation & Friends).

Stemming from one of the key recommendations resulting from the International Peer Review in December 2011, the merger of the Foundation with the Friends of the Botanic Gardens to form Foundation & Friends recognises the strengths and contributions of both organisations whilst eliminating areas in each organisation that overlapped.

With the merger lies the potential to create a more effective and coherent platform from which to raise support and awareness of the Gardens. Combining the resources and determination of the two entities, who share the same purpose, into Foundation & Friends creates a solid base to increase community engagement with the Gardens, as well as fundraise for the Gardens. 

The new venture is not only building on a strong independent organisation, but it has also marked a new level of collaboration between the Trust and Foundation & Friends, helping each to complement the other in the work they do. ‘The merger has really strengthened this arm of support and expanded its role at a very high level,’ acknowledges Executive Director Professor David Mabberley.

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