Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Communications, marketing, public education & visitor services

Recommendation 21

That the Executive Director consider how best to consolidate the communications functions across the organisation with immediate effect and agree objectives and targets for communications within three months.


The Trust agreed with this recommendation and as a consequence endorsed interim arrangements to begin assessing how consolidation of Public Experience and Communications across the organisation may best be implemented. The strategy, objectives and targets for Public Experience and Communications will also be an output of the work of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Recommendation 22

Develop interpretation and engagement (to include volunteering) strategies for the organisation that embody the mission, purpose and identify of the whole organisation and reflect the unique contributions that each site makes to the whole.

This could be assisted by:

  • Bringing together resources for interpretation, public programs, community engagement, volunteering and education into one team
  • Putting this activity within the marketing and communications portfolio as it is a key program for engagement with the public and must be driven by the overall communications objectives of the organisation
  • Creating a lead for this consolidated area for the organisation that sits outside science in terms of management but has expertise in science communication
  • Identification of a dedicated interpretation resource to operate across all three sites
  • Uniting content production within one team that sits within the interpretation and engagement area and makes sure best use and re-use of assets is achieved and an appropriate look and feel for each site is developed to reflect the master brand and the local nuances of each site.


The Trustees agree in principle with this aspiration and note that centralised coordination and management of volunteering would help to streamline activities, communication and information dispersal, and facilitate improved customer service training. Interim arrangements for unified volunteer management have been put in place.

It is also noted that implementing this recommendation would involve significant movements of staff. As per the response to Recommendation 21, this will be further considered by the Strategic Planning Committee.