Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia



Recommendation 44

Design and implement Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust staffing re-structure and key appointments (head of marketing and also head of fundraising).


The Trust agrees with this recommendation and has taken steps to give effect to this. In particular, the role of a Director of Fundraising has been defined as a first step in implementing such a restructure.

Recommendation 45

Gain efficiencies, consistency and world class performance by centralising key strategic activities undertaken by the three garden entities.

Recommendation 46

Reduce complexity/duplication introduced by existence/processes of three governing bodies.  Endeavour to centralise around Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust flagship.


The Trustees agree with Recommendations 45 and 46, and recognise that there is a degree of duplication of efforts as well as confusion from the public as to the functions and role of the various fundraising arms. The Trust has since endorsed interim arrangements to review the roles and functions of the two charitable organisations and to begin assessing how consolidation of fundraising may best be implemented. External advice has also been sought on particular aspects of the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation.

Recommendation 47

Aid fundraising endeavours by reducing donor confusion, fragmentation of effort and potential inter-divisional competition by welding together the efforts and expertise of the three fundraising entities under the one senior manager and Foundation banner. Appoint more Ambassadors and the provision of clear guidelines relating to Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust requirements in terms of donors and the nature/acceptability of gifts.


The Trust agrees in principle with this recommendation and, as outlined above, has taken preliminary steps to restructure fundraising in an effort to ensure that the fragmentation, duplication of effort and potential inter-divisional competition is eliminated. The role of fundraising ambassadors will be considered as the strategic review of fundraising progresses.

Recommendation 48

Strengthen fundraising opportunities by building strong Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust branding and communication by briefing/developing a new Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust positioning statement, branding and marketing strategy.


The Trustees agree that a marketing strategy needs to be developed, and note that the intellectual property developed around the Trust’s rebranding exercise of a few years ago needs to be capitalised upon during the strategic planning process.

Recommendation 49

Prepare brief for submission to NSW Government related to Masterplan and 'Heart of Sydney' opportunities to gain support and funding including clarification of role of the Domain and the possible envelopment of the Lady Macquarie spur within the Garden.

Recommendation 50

Adopt/gain lead entity/institutional status for the above.


The Trust agrees in principle with both Recommendations 49 and 50, and note that both recommendations should be considered in the work being undertaken by the Strategic Planning Committee.

Recommendation 51

Seek tenders to implement Recommendations 48 and 49 above (including sponsorship/pro bono support where possible).


The Trustees agree in principle with this recommendation.

Recommendation 52

Increase commercial revenues through a rigorous review of all commercial entities and opportunities with emphasis on all related fact based numbers/forecasts/research including investment in permanent appropriate fencing and related event structures for the Domain.


The Trustees have considered the principles within Recommendation 52 and note that a regular review is currently undertaken of all comparable events, venues and commercial activities. The Trust will further consider engaging external consultants if a further review process is undertaken.

The Trust does not necessarily agree with the suggestion to erect permanent fencing around the Domain but note that this suggestion will be considered if it fits within the parameters of the site masterplan once it is developed.

Recommendation 53

Envelop the above in appropriate strategic plan term (and beyond as required by masterplanning outcomes).


The Trust agrees with this recommendation, and notes that the recently formed Strategic Planning Committee is working with an external facilitator to develop a long-term strategic plan for the organisation.