Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Korean Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta

by Louise Olson-Cole, Public Relations Coordinator

The Korean Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta (KABGA) visited the Royal Botanic Garden to learn about the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust’s master plan and to see its initiatives in action.

KABGA currently maintain 31 gardens and arboretums throughout Korea. The tour of the Garden was organised to assist KABGA in developing a master plan for an arboretum to be established on a 200-hectare reclaimed sea land-site on the west coast of the Korean Peninsula.

A detailed tour schedule was designed to explore how aspects of our science, education, horticulture and public engagement programs could be integrated into the conservation and education initiatives of the new arboretum. How landscape planning, site management, interpretative signage and program development were addressed in our master plan was of significant interest to the representatives.

Dr Kim Yong-Shik, President of the KABGA, Dr Lee Myung-Woo, Professor of Landscape Architecture at Chonbuk National University, and Dongho Engineering Company staff members Ms Chung Kyung-Ah and Mr Cho Chang-Wan represented KABGA on the day. They were also accompanied by Mark Richardson, a botanical consultant working in the Asia-Pacific Region to promote conservation partnerships within this megabiodiverse area of the world.

The Trust’s Executive Director, Prof. David Mabberley, welcomed the visit from these KABGA representatives as an important part of our science strategy to include more collaboration with Asia. Continued knowledge-sharing partnerships between scientific and horticultural institutions within this region of outstanding biodiversity will ensure we continue to conserve the world’s threatened plant species.

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