Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


Pamela Jane Harrison - fond farewell to a most generous friend

August 2012

A glorious sunny winter day in rural Cobbity, was the location for the recent memorial service to celebrate the wonderful life of long time friend and ABG supporter Pamela Jane Harrison. A member of the Macarthur-Onslow family and well known Camden identity, ‘Pammy’ Harrison died on the 3 July 2012 after a short illness. Perhaps most well known for her lively and entertaining garden column which appeared in the Sun Herald for many years, Pamela Jane was a trained horticulturist and TAFE teacher.

Always energetic and the ‘life of the party’, Pamela Jane was the ideal person to chair the inaugural Friends’ Mount Annan sub-committee, at a time when the fledgling Garden was predominantly wind-swept rural paddocks. She saw the great potential of the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan and in 1989, along with her sisters Phoebe and Annette, donated the Sundial of Human Involvement in memory of their mother Winifred Macarthur-Onslow. The sundial remains one of the great attractions at the Garden, and Pammy continued her wonderful contribution through the running of Friends events at Mount Annan over many years, capably supported by her many Camden life-long friends. Sadly missed, we want to thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and unfailing support for the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan - fond farewell to a most generous friend.

Pamela Jane with Grevillea expert Peter Olde


Sundial of Human Involvement