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The Wiggles show the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney to the world

The Wiggles have showcased the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney in their new Surfer Jeff DVD that was launched at the Sydney Tropical Centre on Thursday 21 June 2012. 

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Royal Botanic Gardens Acting Executive Director Dr Brett Summerell said Surfer Jeff will help promote the Garden, Sydney and Australia on the global stage.

'We’re thrilled the world-famous Wiggles have included footage filmed at our harbourside oasis,' Dr Summerell said.

'This type of exposure - with national and international distribution - is certain to spark the interest of visitors to our shores and in our Garden wonderland.

'Surfer Jeff entertains children and educates them about not just this magnificent continent Australia, but what lies beyond - around the world,' he said.

Surfer Jeff starts at an idealistic Sydney beach setting where the Wiggles find a bottle that produces a magic Genie. The Genie asks the Wiggles to make three wishes and the adventure begins with songs and fun at locations in Australia (including the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney) and overseas. 

According to Dr Summerell, the Wiggles commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle, learning, fun, dance and enjoying the outdoors, perfectly aligns with the values of the Trust and its Dandy Lions preschooler program.

'It’s an honour to have the Wiggles as patrons of the Royal Botanic Garden and its goal to evolve the Garden into an even better place of fun and learning for all children,' he said.

'Like the Wiggles’ target audience, Dandy Lions is for preschoolers. It engages young children with nature, using enjoyable and creative hands-on gardening activities, dance, craft, songs and more - centred around botanical themes.

'It’s great that in Surfer Jeff they mention the Wollemi Pine - there are three growing at the Garden. In what was one of the great discoveries of our time, Trust scientists identified the Wollemi in 1994, a group of trees thought to be extinct,' he said.

The Wiggles: Surfer Jeff is available now on CD and DVD from all ABC Shops & Centres as well as leading retailers. 

The DVD features the original Wiggles cast and is sure to be a huge success. After starting at the beach with the introduction of the Genie, the Wiggles enjoy a picturesque picnic at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, where they meet a doctor and children learn about allergies. After the allergy song and others about healthy food, they’re off to another beach and take up the Genie’s offer of three wishes. The first wish lands them on the sandy dunes of Abu Dhabi, then they’re whisked off to Rome, Paris, Ireland, Scotland and finally London before arriving back in Australia. The Wiggles visit another beach where they sing the new Surfer Jeff song while Jeff Wiggle goes for a wipe-out free surf. They finish the adventure with the grand finale, the Australian favourite Waltzing Matilda as they declare there’s no place like home.

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The Wiggles with Captain Feathersword and Gino the Genie. Photo: Neil Hamilton-Ritchie

The Wiggles with Professor David Mabberley. Photo: Jaime Plaza

The Wiggles in the Rose Garden. Photo: Neil Hamilton-Ritchie