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Winter wattles at the Australian Botanic Garden

You'll find some wattles already in flower at the Australian Botanic Garden. But prepare yourself for an explosion of vibrant yellow and gold wattle blossoms in August when these iconic Australian plants are at their best.

There are 180 different kinds of wattles on display at the Australian Botanic Garden, including Acacia ‘Winter Gold’ with its bright yellow, ball flowers providing pools of winter sunshine and the world’s only red-flowering wattle, Acacia ‘Federation Scarlet Blaze’.

The golden wattle (Acacia pycnantha) was officially proclaimed Australia’s national floral emblem in 1988, the year of Australia’s bicentenary and also the year that the Garden was officially opened. In 1992, 1 September was formally declared National Wattle Day.

Acacia mariae x semilunata ‘Annan Gold’ came from a chance seedling that appeared in one of the garden beds. Its parent species are very showy and the Garden grew this plant to observe if the hybrid was worth cultivating. It grew into a beautiful small to medium shrub with masses of bright yellow flowers with a lovely sweet perfume and can be seen in the Wattle Garden.

The variety of texture, foliage, colour and leaf form of wattles can provide year-round interest to any garden and many have decorative pods. Wattles mainly flower in winter and produce their seeds in summer, providing critical food sources for wildlife at these times. Wattles occur in all habitats, from the coast to mountains and deserts. Golden wattle seeds germinated at the Garden have also been ‘off the planet’ surviving unharmed aboard the International Space Station for a six-month period in 2008.

Aboriginal people traditionally used wattle in every aspect of their lives such as using seeds for food, pods for food and soap, foliage for soap and medicinal purposes, bark for bandages and footwear and wood for tools, weapons and fires.

Wonderful world of wattles walk

Come into the Garden on Sunday 11 August to celebrate wattle season, brighten up your winter and discover the world of wattles by joining a guided walk - there's more to this amazing plant than you think! Bookings essential.

There's a lot to learn about wattles!

On the right are some of the new signs that are on display in the Wattle Garden. Make sure you visit the Garden soon to see the spectacular wattle flowering show and learn all about these iconic Australian plants.

Wattles in July & August

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