Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia


The art and craft of gardening

What better way to embrace the warm spring months than to hone your gardening skills and become a true artisan in your garden with this instructional and hands-on horticultural workshop 26 October at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney?

Join expert horticultural tutors, Senior Horticulturist Paul Nicholson and Horticultural Education Officer John Coco from the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney and Ben Lyte, Head Gardener at Eden Education to discover the finer points of gardening and the joy of crafting your own (garden) plot.

In this workshop, to be held on Friday 26 October, participants will explore three hands-on topics over the day:

  1. Master Gardener - An opportunity for workshop participants to gather practical skills in preparing and improving soils. This is followed by instruction in selecting the appropriate tools and understanding how to use them correctly. Finally, learn how to conduct soil tests including pH, soil type and texture.
  2. Productive Produce - Here you will discover the joy of learning how to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.  In this part of the workshop particpants will cover topics including planning your garden, starting seeds and seedlings, planting, fertilising, companion planting, crop rotation and more!  
  3. Replicate, Duplicate and Propagate - Finally, delve into the intriguing world of plant propagation with an introduction to the basics followed by growing from seeds, cuttings and division. This part of the workshop includes a fascinating hands-on begonia propagation activity.

Suitable for beginners as well as those gardeners who simply want to improve their knowledge, practical skills and enjoyment in the garden. 

This workshop is a Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust and Eden Education partnership.

The objective of the workshop is to get back to grass-roots gardening skills. People in modern urban society have lost touch with their ‘inner peasant’ and we are hoping to revive the natural gardener in everyone with some basic skills in this workshop, ‘The Art & Craft of Gardening’.

Workshop details

When: Friday 26 October
Where: Moore Room and Garden, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, Mrs Macquaries Road (past the Art Gallery of NSW)
Cost: $95 per person, $85.50 Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens members. Morning and afternoon tea provided
Bookings essential: Eden Education Ph. 9491 9900. Bookings close 19 October 19 2012

About the workshop facilitators

The workshop is being taken by Paul Nicholson, Senior Horticulturist at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney for 18 years, training here as an apprentice. Paul describes gardening in the Botanic Garden as ‘the perfect mix of intellectual, creative and physical challenges’. Our other tutors include John Coco, Horticultural Education Officer in Community Education; John has cultivated his own patch at Vineyard for 33 years, and has been at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney for 21 years; and Ben Lyte, Head Gardener at Eden Gardens, North Ryde, who trained at the flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley, and the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, in the UK. Paul, John and Ben are masters of their craft and will impart their tricks and tips to workshop attendees to sharpen their green thumbs.