Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Overseas travel

Name & Position

Countries / Cities visited

Purpose of visit


Total Cost

Cost to Trust

Source of
Other Funds

Dr Maurizio Rossetto, Senior Research Scientist 
Berlin, Germany and Kew, United Kingdom To participate and present at XX International Congress of Genetics To discuss potential conservation genomics projects on Australian flora (also availed of recreation leave from 19-25 July 2008) 10-25 July
$5,500 Nil Grant from HSF

Dr Edward Liew, Plant Pathologist/ Mycologist

Turin and Alghero, Italy 
To attend 9th International Congress of Plant Pathology and 10th International Fusarium Workshop 23 August-3 September 2008 $7,300
Nil Friends of The Gardens, Horticulture Australia Limited and Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Surrey Jacobs, Principal Research Scientist

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Mainz, Remseck/ Neckar (Germany)

Participate in 5th International Symposium on Grass Systematics & Evolution, presenting talks/ posters

Give lecture; discuss joint projects with fellow researchers

9-16 August 2008 

17-21 August

$9,700 $3,500 Friends of The Gardens and Remseck/Neckar & Mainz University
Karen Wilson, Acting Manager Plant Diversity; Special Botanist


Lund (Sweden; day-trip from Copenhagen); Hamburg (Germany); Kew (UK)

Participate in Monocots IV international conference, presenting talks/poster

Examine specimens in three herbaria; discuss joint projects with fellow researchers

10-16 August 20

7-8, 18-22 August 200808

$7,800 $2,000 Friends of The Gardens and personal contribution
John Benson, Senior Ecologist
Spain; Barcelona Participate and present at the IUCN 4th World Conservation Congress 1-15 October 2008
$7,100 $2,100 Friends of The Gardens, external grant funds and personal contribution
Dr Kim Hamilton, Rainforest Seed Project Coordinator, Horticultural Research Section UK, Sussex

Presentation at the conference ‘Tree Seeds 2008 - Trees, Seeds and a Changing Climate’

Visit Millennium Seedbank for discussions with collaborators.

19 September-4 October 2008 $$6,000 nil Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation

Dr Tim Entwisle, Executive Director 

New Zealand To participate in awards ceremony 5-8 November 2008 $2,500 nil New Zealand Horticulture Industry Training Organisation

Dr Alan Millar, Principal Research Scientist

Wellington, New Zealand To attend Asia–Pacific Phycological Forum 9-19 November 2008 $1,950 nil Allen Press, USA
Dr Elizabeth Brown, Systematic Bryologist  New Zealand To attend workshop and fieldwork for Lepidoziaceae projects 16 November-12 January 2009
$3,500 nil Personal contribution
Hannah McPherson, Technical Officer (Scientific) 


Hamburg, Germany and Grenoble, France


To research Australian collection in Hamburg Herbarium

To work with colleagues at the University Joseph Fourier

22 December 2008-3 April 2009

4-18 April 2009





Australia Germany Association, Goethe Institut, Lufthansa, and ARC Discovery grant
Pauline Markwell, Director, Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation

USA To participate in 3rd
To visit botanic gardens,
other cultural institutions and grant-making bodies to research leading fundraising and philanthropy.
28 March -26 April 2009
$13,950 nil Friends of The Gardens and Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation
Dr Barry Conn, Principal Research Scientist





To conduct research at Singapore Botanic Gardens

To conduct research at Herbarium Bogoriense

To attend conservation symposium

14 June-7 July 2009

7-13 July 2009

13-19 July 2009

$9,590 nil Friends of The Gardens and Singapore Botanic Gardens
Dr Alan Millar, Principal Research Scientist

Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Tokyo, Japan

To attend meeting at Allen Press

To attend Phycological Society of America Conference

To attend Phycological Congress

21-28 June 2009

18-25 July 2009

31 July-9 August 2009




nil Allen Press, USA