Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Australia

Research Grants

Grant funding to the Trust

Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)

  • Karen Wilson & Prof. Jeremy Bruhl (UNE) - Phylogeny, taxonomy and biology of Schoenus: A Cinderella of Australian Cyperaceae $150,000 (2nd year of a 3-year $300,000 grant).
  • Dr Darren Crayn, Dr Maurizio Rossetto, Dr Peter Weston, Dr John Conran (Uni Adel), A/Prof. Santiago Madriñan (Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia), Dr Henk van der Werff (Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis MI, USA) plus retirees Bernie Hyland and Bruce Gray (rainforest botanists CSIRO, Qld) - Integrating molecular and morphological data for generic delimitation and species identification in Lauraceae $150,000 (2nd year of a 3-year $300,000 grant).
  • Dr Peter Wilson and Dr Chris Quinn - Generic position of the non persistentfruited species of Leptospermum (Myrtaceae) $22,000 (3rd year of a 2-year $44,000 grant) (delayed start).

Australian Flora Foundation

  • Dr Peter Wilson and Dr Maurizio Rossetto - Reproductive biology of the Magenta Lilly Pilly (Syzygium paniculatum) $11,600 (2nd year of a 2-year $23,200 grant).

Department of the Environment and Water Resources (formerly Department of Environment and Heritage) -Natural Heritage Trust and National Action Plan on Salinity

  • John Benson and Bob Makinson - NSW Native Vegetation Classification and Assessment $200,000 (3rd year of a 3-year $400,000 grant).

Friends of The Gardens

Research Grants

  • Botanic Gardens Trust National Herbarium of NSW Internship Program $14,000.
  • Dr Maurizio Rossetto - ‘Bicentenary Plant Diversity Project’ - Collect representative Australian flora, curate relevant herbarium section and conduct research on the association between climate gradients and genetic diversity $127,000 (1st year of a 4-year $510,000 grant).

Scientific Travel Scholarships

  • Dr Surrey Jacobs - attendance at the Monocots 4-International Conference in Copenhagen 11-15 August $6,200.
  • Karen Wilson - attendance at the Monocots 4-International Conference in Copenhagen 11-15 August and visits to other institutions $4,000.
  • Barry Conn - appraisal of herbarium collections of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Herbarium Bogoriense and Kebun Raya, Bogor Indonesia $2,000.
  • John Benson - attendance at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 5-14 October 2008 $3,000.

See Overseas travel for other non-research travel scholarships.

Margaret Flockton Award and Exhibition

  • $10,000

Hermon Slade Foundation

  • Dr Maurizio Rossetto and Dr Peter Weston - Speciation in the Australian flora: testing explanatory hypotheses in waratahs and their allies $18,800 (1st year of a 3 year $90,000 grant).

Matrix Plus Consulting (Rio Tinto Alcan)

  • Dr Maurizio Rossetto & Dr Marlien van der Merwe - To undertake a detailed population-genetic study of the Gove (NT) population of Erythroxylum pusillum (Erythroxylaceae) ($71,000 one off payment).

Namoi Catchment Management Authority

  • Dr Chris Allen - Vegetation Communities of the Liverpool Plains $50,000.

Natural Resources Advisory Council of NSW

  • John Benson - preliminary compilation of literature on vegetation types on the NSW South Eastern highlands and Australian Alps Bioregions in preparation for assessment and classification of the vegetation in those bioregions for data entry in the NSWVCA database in 2010 $60,000.

Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation

  • Dr Cathy Offord and Dr Kim Hamilton - ‘Rainforest Seed Project’ - rainforest seeds research and conservation project $130,000 (1st year of a 3-year $390,000 grant). Project funded by donations from Allianz and two private benefactors, Tony Maxwell and Robyn Godlee.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - Millennium Seed Bank Project

  • Dr Cathy Offord and Peter Cuneo - Seed Quest NSW partnership to supply 250 NSW seed collections per year $278,140 (5th year of 6-year $1,564,114 grant).

Funding to Partner Organisations

Australian Research Council - Discovery Grant

  • Dr Maurizio Rossetto and Dr Darren Crayn (with Dr A. Lowe, University of Adelaide) - Developing biogeographical know-how: improving species divergence and dispersal estimations to examine geological and climatic evolutionary drivers. $35,695 to Botanic Gardens Trust (delayed start to final year of a 3-year $282,000 grant).

Australian Research Council - Research Networks

  • Macquarie University (administrative body) with the Botanic Gardens Trust [B. Summerell, T. Entwisle, D. Crayn, P. Weston, M. Rossetto] and 40 other partners - Australian-New Zealand Research Network for vegetation function (4th year of sharing in $2,500,000 over 5 years).