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General Interest

All publications are available from the Gardens Shops at the Royal Botanic Garden, the Australian Botanic Garden and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden.


  • Botanic Gardens of Sydney Guidebook (2005)  Souvenir guidebook.
  • The Mount Tomah Book.
  • Starting from Scratch - Australia’s First Farm. Exhibition booklet.
  • Sydney Bushland - Two Centuries of Change. Exhibition booklet.
  • Window (1991). Catalogue/resource guide.
  • The Wishing Tree: A Guide to Memorial Trees, Statues and Fountains in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Domain and Centennial Park, Sydney by Edwin Wilson (Kangaroo Press, 1993).
  • Poetry of Place: Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney (2004) by Edwin Wilson. Updated edition of The Wishing Tree.
  • Mount Annan Botanic Garden Visitor Guide (given on entry to Garden).
  • Mount Tomah Botanic Garden Visitor Guide (given on entry to Garden).
  • Range of other brochures, leaflets, postcards and posters.


  • Sydney’s Bushland - more than meets the eye by J. Howell & D. Benson (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 2000).
  • The nature of pre-European native vegetation in south-eastern Australia: a critique of Ryan, D.G., Ryan, J. and Starr, B.J. (1995) The Australian Landscape - Observations of Explorers and Early Settlers (1997) by J.S. Benson & P.A. Redpath, offprint from Cunninghamia 5(2): 285-329.
  • Flora of New South Wales vol 1 (edn 2, 2000), vol 2 (edn 2, 2002), vol 3 (1992), vol 4 (1993), edited by Gwen Harden (University of NSW Press).
  • Proteaceae of New South Wales, edited by G.J. Harden, D.W. Hardin & D.C. Godden (University of NSW & Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 2000).
  • Orchids of New South Wales (1944) by H.M.R. Rupp. This is a 1969 facsimile (with supplement) of the original and is also family 48 in the old Flora of New South Wales series.
  • Collection, Preparation and Preservation of Plant Specimens (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney 2nd edition, 1995).
  • The Names of Acacias of New South Wales with a Guide to Pronunciation of Botanical Names, by N. Hall & L.A.S. Johnson (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 1993).
  • Riverside Plants of the Hawkesbury-Nepean by J. Howell, L. McDougall & D. Benson (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 1995)
  • Taken for Granted: the Bushland of Sydney and its Suburbs by D. Benson and J. Howell (Kangaroo Press, 1995).
  • Mountain Devil to Mangrove: a Guide to Natural Vegetation of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment by D. Benson, J. Howell and L. McDougall (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 1996).
  • Plants of Pooncarie and the Willandra Lakes by M. Porteners and L. Ashby. A guide to the plant species native to Pooncarie and the Willandra Lakes region in south-western New South Wales (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 1996).
  • Hispid 3 (1996) by Dr B. Conn. Herbarium Information Standards and Protocols for Interchange of Data, Version Three. Also available on Internet (booklet, free to participating institutions).
  • Rare Bushland Plants of Western Sydney, 2nd edition, by Teresa James, Lyn McDougall & Doug Benson (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 1999).
  • Missing Jigsaw Pieces, by Doug Benson, Danie Ondinea & Virginia Bear (Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 1999).


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