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The Botanic Gardens are a place of lifelong learning in a living, breathing museum. With up to 50% of the world’s plant species at risk of extinction, scientists work to research plant species and habitats, as well as the global threat to plant bio-diversity. Community educators inspire kids to understand the importance of plants for human survival. A library and herbarium protect irreplaceable historical treasures, and a seedbank of living plant material will protect our unique plant life from an uncertain future. 

Our community of Foundation & Friends members supports your Botanic Gardens in many different ways. Over three hundred volunteers exercise their culinary or organisational skills at events; or put their green thumbs to work propagating and selling plants through Growing Friends; or share their knowledge by working as guides. Others enjoy exhibitions, talks and tours. Some learn new skills at our workshops. There is something for everyone as Foundation & Friends support education, science, horticulture and conservation programs across all three of your Gardens – the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah and the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan.

How You Can Help

Waratah Patron Program | Regular Giving | Plant Pathology | Save a Species | Donate Now


Waratah Patron Program

Waratah Patrons play a special role in supporting the vital work of your Botanic Gardens. Through annual donations, you can support Foundation & Friends, helping fund innovative scientific research and critical conservation initiatives.  

Your participation provides you with a truly unique opportunity to get more involved in the life of your Botanic Gardens, and become part of a community of dedicated individuals that support many of the Botanic Gardens’ projects in conservation, science, horticulture and education.

Waratahs represent a vital component for growth and development, and as such, receive exclusive invitations to an exciting calendar of previews, special events and enjoy rare access to the people and places that make your Botanic Gardens truly unique. Additionally, regular updates will keep you informed about your donations at work!  

Your contribution might enable a scientist to attend a seed-banking workshop in Germany.  It might provide the funding necessary to revitalise the Plant Pathology Lab and surrounding area.  It might contribute $1,000,000 to the Australian PlantBank.  In every case, your gift will be put to use where it is most needed.  

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Regular Giving: $10 | $25 | $50 |$100

Your monthly gift will allow Foundation & Friends to provide a stable and supportive future for your Botanic Gardens.    

Monthly donations are critical for the preservation and advancement of your Botanic Gardens in the face of the growing number of threats to our environment, such as climate change and habitat destruction represent. 

As a valued partner in your Botanic Gardens, you will receive regular updates about the initiatives we are funding, as well as information about upcoming events.  This way you will be able to stay in touch with the impact your generous monthly donations are making in support of scientific innovation and conservation.  

Over time, your consistent support accumulates and allows Foundation & Friends to provide a reliable source of funding for your Botanic Gardens – together, we can do more.    

Your first donation for regular giving will be deducted immediately and a receipt emailed to you. Thereafter, each donation will be deducted on or about the 16th day of each month. You will receive a summary receipt for the total of your monthly donations at the end of the financial year. 

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Support an Appeal

- Plant Pathology Partner

The introduction of a fully revitalised Plant Pathology Laboratory and surrounding area will unveil science in the heart of Sydney's CBD for our visitors.

The refurbishment of the Plant Pathology Lab will guarantee Australia continues to pioneer advances in botanical research and science. It will provide an unrivaled learning opportunity for inquisitive minds. 

This is a significant undertaking, at a cost of $425k, but the implications of this project are far-reaching as visitors are taken on an educational journey with signage and interpretation guiding them with fun facts, leading them to the newly accessible Plant Pathology Laboratory, where they will see scientists and technology at work.  

Help Foundation & Friends deliver this innovative project for the 200th celebration of the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney in 2016!

Click here to donate to our Plant Pathology Appeal - all donations above AU$2 are tax deductable

- Save a Species Advocate

This initiative is critical in raising awareness for the threats currently putting up to 50% of the world’s plant species at risk, with 10 per cent of Australia’s native plant species identified as threatened.  

These statistics are staggering and your support for Save a Species now, will provide scientists at the Australian PlantBank the vital funding required to seedbank endangered plant species. As part of a global strategy, the seed storage at the Australian PlantBank is an insurance policy for our unique native flora.  

Click here to donate to Save a Species -

Donate Now: $50 | $100 | $250 | $500

Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens supports unrivaled programs in horticulture, education, science and conservation.  

With your help, we can continue funding vital initiatives that have far-reaching effects on our global community.

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