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Speakers' Bureau

Are you a member of a special interest group or social group which requires a speaker for a meeting? Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens has an enthusiastic group of volunteers who are members of our Speakers' Bureau. There are a range of different talks which can be tailored to suit your requirements.

The Speakers' Bureau members are an active group of volunteers whose mission is to promote membership of Foundation & Friends by providing speakers for interested clubs and societies. Members meet regularly to further their knowledge and keep up to date with events and developments within the Gardens.

The Speakers’ Bureau volunteers have plenty to talk about. The three Botanic Gardens of the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust provide a wealth of subject matter for their presentations. All the speakers enjoy the pleasure of meeting and entertaining Sydneysiders (or even further afield) when they are invited to address community groups, while taking the opportunity to spread the word about the Botanic Gardens and the work of Foundation & Friends.

They like to give their audience information that will intrigue them, entice them to visit the Gardens, and add to their store of knowledge. Audiences are often agog when told that the National Herbarium still has well preserved botanical specimens collected by Sir Joseph Banks, and that volunteers use dental floss to stitch plant specimens onto special paper for conservation in the Herbarium!

Whatever the special interest of your social group or club, consider contacting the Foundation & Friends' office on (02) 9231 8182 or email to book a friendly, informed Speaker for one of your meetings. There is no charge, providing we can distribute material to promote membership.






 Speaker Lynne Cairncross at Bowral
Speaker Lynne Cairncross at Bowral

Restored Glasshouse, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
The restored glasshouse at the Central Depot in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is one of the many talking points for the Speakers' Bureau.